“Creating Stories”

Theatre Sports & Improv

Open to middle school students
Maximum of 20 students

Acting Games
Character Development with props
performance for parents and community Friday 5 pm

We know what you’re thinking: what do theatre and sports have to do with each other? Well, just like on any typical sports team, kids in our theatre class will to learn to work together for a common goal. And just like on a typical sports team, the common goal is PLAY! In this class, kids use PLAY to develop skills around body movement, speech, and team work. The first part of each day will focus on games designed to undo a lot of the rigid thinking that blocks creativity. Then there will be an hour-long lunch break to eat, rest and socialize. The second part of each day will be creating characters using props and costumes. After class on Friday we will have a short performance based off the skills the kids have learned during the week. Friends and family are encouraged to come to the final show. This is a beginning level class for any middle school age kid. We can’t wait to create PLAY with you!

Mon-Friday June 10th-14th
the Creamery Arts Center
165 Bridge St, Hotchkiss CO
Sponsored by The Creamery, Telluride Theatre and Arts For All

This class is valued at $150
See Reciprocal Gift Model section below
for more information

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Digital Arts
Animation, Film and Motion Design: The Art of Making – The Appalachia Journey

June 17-21st
Blue Sage from 10:30-3:30 and is open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders with a maximum of 12 students.

Focus will be on the natural environment of the North Fork Valley including native plant species, outdoor settings and weather patterns.

Campers will look at the physical world around them with emphasis on bringing stories to life through animation of still objects with digital delivery.

This unique mix of historical home-based Maker Arts and story-telling delivered through the contemporary platforms of digital media and internet distribution fosters a deeper understanding of our integral relationship with the world while sharpening and honing technical skills required for living in the 21st Century.
Instruction will be based on Appalachian craft, the survival and re-vival of living in the mountains.
Instructor Katie Hadar lives and works in Lexington, Kentucky. She is a native and third generation Colorado woman, deeply committed to conservation, preservation, making, story-telling and motion media in the 21st Century. Katie teaches in Colorado, Montana, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Class specifics

Digital Arts is offered June 17-21st at the Blue Sage from 10:30-3:30 and is open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders with a maximum of 12 students. Included is a field trip to the Aspen Art Museum on Tuesday, June 18th. A smart phone or tablet is required for the class and can be reserved in advance at the Library. The class will culminate in an Animation Shorts Film Festival Friday evening at the Blue Sage.

The established value of this class is $350, we know that most parents are unable to pay this much for a class, please scroll down to the Reciprocal Gift Model information at the bottom of this page to see how your child can attend no matter what your income is.

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Circus Arts


Back by popular demand, learn or refine your stilt walking, uni-cycling and juggling skills with Lorali and Jenna and join the Community Band in the Cherry Days Parade!


Class is 10:30-3:30 June 26, 27, 28 and July 1 and 2nd at the Blue Sage.  It is open to students age 6-18 with a limit of 20 students. Join the Community Band as an entry in the Cherry Days Parade on July 4th.

The established value of this class is $125,
see Reciprocal Gift Model information at the bottom of this page.

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Painted Mural/Design Build

The Nature Connection wants to spruce up their digs

And Arts for All is going to help!

Our artists will work with Seth Weber and Phil Wassell to create a cohesive design. Then learn how to take that small design and do a large layout on the wall. Then finally painting the mural while learning many painting techniques as they go.


Class will run from July 8th-12th, at The Nature Connection (old Montessori building) 397 Bulldog Street Hotchkiss, from 10-3, it is open to students ages 12-18 years old and is limited to 12 students.

The established value of this class is $150, Please see the Reciprocal Gift Model section at the end of this page for further information.

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Some of our students are learning handwork at school, help have them ready to hit the ground running!

Class is July 15-19

This class is July 15-19 and will be held at The Nature Connection (the old Montessori building) 397 Bulldog St, Hotchkiss to allow students to utilize the Pool Bus for transportation. The class is open to students age 7 and up and is segregated by those having experience and those who do not. Beginning Handwork runs from 1:30-3 with a maximum of 10 students. The Experienced Class from 3:30-5 with a limit of 15 students. Actual class times may be adjusted to the actual Pool bus delivery and pick up times.Beginning Handwork

Learn the basics of knitting and hand sewing in this fun introduction class. Students will make their own handwork bag and knitting needles to take home and continue the fun!

Intermediate/Continuing Handwork

Create fun summer projects using basic Handwork skills you already know. Make a bean bag or water balloon. Start on a pair of slippers for the winter if you’re up for the challenge or embroider some fun designs on your jeans. Each student will make a pair of knitting needles and handwork bag to take home when class is completed.

Sara Rodriguez has 25+ years of handwork experience. She is the Handwork teacher at our local Waldorf inspired elementary school, NFSIS.

Parents are encouraged to pick up their students on Friday afternoon to see all the fine work the students have completed!

The established value of this class is $125. Again please see the Reciprocal Gift Model information below for understanding how your student can participate.

The Details…

Waiver Information Photography: By signing below you agree to allow your child to be photographed during the class and understand that the Arts for All may publish these photos to help promote its children’s programs and solicit funding.

Attendance Policy:  While these classes are being offered on the reciprocal gift model, attendance is important. I understand that if my student has 2 unexcused absences they will be dropped from the class and also be ineligible for the following semester offerings.

Liability Release:  I understand that this document will prohibit me from bringing a lawsuit or otherwise claiming damages against Arts for All (the Blue Sage Center for the Arts, The Mountain Harvest Creative, The Learning Council,) and the Aspen Art Museum its owners, staff and volunteers. I understand that while Arts for All is committed to thorough supervision of all activities that there are inherent risks in the participation of any activity. Thus, I hold harmless the Arts for All  its owners, staff, and volunteers from accidents resulting from participation. My child is in good health and capable of participating in the Arts for All programs. I authorize, in a medical emergency, after reasonable effort has been made to notify me, that the Arts for All staff may seek emergency assistance and medical treatment at the parent/guardian’s expense. I certify that I have adequate insurance to cover any injury or damage my child may cause or suffer while participating, or I agree to bear the costs of such injury or damage myself.

Information Sharing  I understand that Arts for All will share your contact and emergency contact information with its instructors

This class is offered to the community as a Gift.  We at Arts for All encourage participation in our classes and we DO NOT limit students participation by ability to contribute money. Your participation in our class reflects community support and interest. Your contribution and reciprocation of the gift keeps this model viable. There are many ways that you can support our reciprocal gift model. Contribute money:  Each Gift offering has an established value that reflects the cash value of the class. You are welcome to pay an amount that feels comfortable to you and your financial situation. Gift forward and pay above the established value and share in the generosity by providing for others less fortunate. This is an opportunity for you to be abundant and support great educational offerings in the North Fork Valley! If you are writing a check, make it out to: “Arts for All”  and mail to PO Box 1126, Paonia< CO 81428
Contribute time: Volunteer to set up and clean up events and classes, make costumes, assist the teachers, help with Administrative tasks, volunteer to share your gifts and teach a class. Help the nonprofits (Blue Sage, Mountain Harvest Creative and The Learning Council) that are providing the class. Your time and energy are valuable and add to the success of our offerings.
Contribute Resources:  The classes that we offer use all kinds of supplies and resources. Donations of musical instruments, art supplies, computers, iPads, circus arts supplies for juggling, stilt walking, clowning, snacks for students, or make a recommendation.
Be Creative:  Let us know how you feel that you can best support and participate in our Gift Model. Mix and match the above options, have fun! We welcome your creative efforts to help our community education model thrive. Thank you for your participation in our reciprocal gift model.