Mural Making
Let’s make a Mural the Whole Town can Admire!

This clay based bas-relief mural will be such that anyone can tell the story from the picture. The mural will be hung outside the NFSIS and PES walls that face the playground. Children will build, design and assemble the mural tiles. This is a community project intending to increase arts access in our Community.
Students will create a story that will include high teaching* and choose a coordinated picture illustration to express it in a mural.


The students will build a temporary work frame that will be filled with clay for creating the scene. After the bas-relief is built with clay, the clay will be cut it into tile, fired, glazed, and finally assembled and grouted onto a permeant weather safe frame. This 3’ x 5’ detachable mural may be hung outside on the wall facing the children’s playground (or could be moved to suitable any location).


*High teaching is the imparting of a deeper understanding of the symbolism in stories, visual, dramatic and dramatic presentations. For instance, when the character in the story comes to a river or a wasteland, what are the soul qualities these geographic elements evoke?


This class is offered at Paonia Elementary school to students from 4th to 8th grade on Tuesdays from 3:30-5:30.

  • Jan 8, 15, 22, 29
  • Feb 5, 12
  • Mar 5, 12
  • April 2, 9
  • Unveiling date To Be Determined
The Details…

Waiver Information

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Attendance Policy: 

While these classes are being offered on the reciprocal gift model, attendance is important. I understand that if my student has 2 unexcused absences they will be dropped from the class and also be ineligible for the following semester offerings.

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Information Sharing 

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This class is offered to the community as a Gift. 
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Contribute time:
Volunteer to set up and clean up events and classes, make costumes, assist the teachers, help with Administrative tasks, volunteer to share your gifts and teach a class. Help the nonprofits (Blue Sage, Mountain Harvest Creative and The Learning Council) that are providing the class. Your time and energy are valuable and add to the success of our offerings.

Contribute Resources: 
The classes that we offer use all kinds of supplies and resources. Donations of musical instruments, art supplies, computers, iPads, circus arts supplies for juggling, stilt walking, clowning, snacks for students, or make a recommendation.

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