Shopping for basic necessities can support the Blue Sage!  Whether you are shopping for groceries or online, the dollars you spend can mean dollars for the Blue Sage.

When you can’t find what you need locally, you can still be supporting a local organization.’s Smile program will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible items to the Blue Sage.  To trigger this benefit, instead of visiting for purchases, visit  You’ll see the same items at the same prices, but will be asked to designate a non-profit to benefit with you purchase.


City Market will donate money to the Blue Sage based on the amount of money you spend at their stores, such as City Market.  Have your purchases benefit the Blue Sage by enrolling your City Market Rewards Card in the Community Giving program.  This won’t affect your fuel points or other benefits.  Be sure to have your card number or Alternate ID handy.


REMINDER: You have to re-enroll your card every year.