Jeannette’s Story

Jeannette’s Story

In 2011 Jeannette Carey was a first-year music teacher in Hotchkiss, covering grades 3rd-12th.  Being a first-year teacher is tough, and having to provide music and singing instruction for 10 different age ranges makes the challenge exceptional.  Lucky for the music students in Hotchkiss, Ms. Carey didn’t get discouraged.  Instead, she went out-of-the-box to find creative ways to engage her students.

In addition to turning up the fun in her lessons, Ms. Carey engaged with the Blue Sage Concert Series to find additional resources.  Over the past two years Jeannette has worked with the Blue Sage to connect her students with special opportunities through the concert series, such as Band Camp with faculty from CMU, a special visit in her classroom from clarinetist, Bill Kalinkos, and hosting the band and choir’s year-end performances at the Blue Sage.  “My students loved performing at the Blue Sage instead of the school commons.  They felt more professional and honored to have people other than their parents in the audience.”

Jeannette is renewing her season tickets to the concert series for the third year in a row, and continues donating monthly to the program.  “I always leave the concerts feeling exceptionally joyful and this year I’m really excited to see David Alderdice and World Music on the roster as well.  I can’t think of a better person to bring culturally diverse music to our community!”

Working with Ms. Carey and the music programs in local schools is just one of the ways in which the Blue Sage Concert Series is impacting our community.  Learn more about the program and give today to support the Blue Sage Concert Series.

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