Local Authors Published

Local Authors Published

The Write On! Anthology, an annual writing competition in its eighth year, is proud to announce the winners of the 2015 competition. The competition is a joint effort by the Blue Sage Center for the Arts and Delta County Libraries for Delta County writers. The winning submissions are compiled into a book, which will debut at a reading with the authors on May 22nd at 6:30p.m. at the Blue Sage Center for the Arts in Paonia. Admission to the event is by donation, and seating is reserved. To reserve your seat, contact the Blue Sage Gallery at (970) 527-7243, visit the Blue Sage website at www.bluesage.org, or stop by 226 Grand Ave. in Paonia.

Entries into the competition were judged in three categories: fiction, non-fiction and poetry which were then judged by students from the upper-division creative writing program at Western State University in Gunnison. A youth category was added for 2015 and there were four entries, all of which were accepted into the anthology. According to one of the judges, Every one of these entries has excellent qualities. Many have small copy editing issues or small tweaks that could be worked out with an editor. I wish I had the time to sit down with each writer and spend 5-10 minutes. I honestly believe that each of these will be ready for publication in the future, unfortunately not all of them are ready as they are now.”

The 2015 winners, which will appear in the 2015 Write On! Anthology are:

Youth Entries

A Daring Escape by Noah McDaniel

A Hero’s Tale by Dakota Buchheim

Creativity by Kaeli Baugh

Life is Hard by Clarissa George


Nonfiction Category

Without a Doubt by Carol Kwiatkowski

Parenthesis by Susan Keenan

Grace by Tara Miller

Plumeria by Laura Lee Yates

The April Fool’s Day Banana by Margaret Gilfoyle



Growth Spurt by Earl Monroe

Julia by Paul Roasberry

The Color of Love by Barbra Campbell

Coupe Perfection by Sunshine Knight

Ball Peen Hammer by Thomas Wills

Light by Karen Fogg



Five Seven Five Haiku by Earl Monroe

A Drop of Water by John Watterson

Fireflies by John Watterson

Cosmografia del Minor Mondo by Naropa Sabine

The 81416 by Felicia Sabartinelli

Headed for Heaven by Jo Ann Blunkall

The Moment by Barbra Campbell

Return of the Dew by Jeanine Devlin

Belly of the Beauty by Jeanine Devlin

Dancing to Birdsong by Karen Fogg

Builders and Destroyers by Christine Frank

Aspen by Karen Gallob

Introvert Fly in the Soup by Susan Keenan

Luminous by Tara Miller

One Terrible Moment by Carolyn Ringo

God Was Napping by Thomas Wills

Two Cool Cats by Gerald Lell

Your Heart Lies Heavy in its Chest by Marla Bishop

The Blue Sage Center for the Arts is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization located in Paonia, CO providing education and expression in the arts and humanities in order to engage and enrich the North Fork community. Founded in 1996 the Blue Sage serves about 10,000 residents of the North Fork Valley annually through classes, events, gallery exhibits, venue rentals and arts outreach into local schools. For more information, visit the Blue Sage website at www.bluesage.org.