Polly Letofsky

Polly Letofsky

Polly Letofsky is best known for being the first woman to walk around the world. It took her five years to complete her walk and another six years to write the book.

After a series of bad choices in her publishing endeavors, she launched into a deep dive to study the industry. The results were six national awards for her book, 3mph: The Adventures of One Woman’s Walk Around the World, and the eventual beginning of My Word Publishing.

Polly wanted to create a publishing company that guided authors through the publishing of their own book seamlessly, swiftly, and affordably. And My Word Publishing was born, where the author maintains all creative control, maintains all distribution rights, and all the profits end up in their hands.

To date, My Word Publishing has published over 350 books, over 100 Amazon best sellers, 2 traditionally published books, and one movie.

Part of the My Word Publishing mission is to educate new authors as to how to uphold their rights and what they should never put up with.